Playing Modules


XMPlay contrary to its name, can play a wide variety of module formats and is accept by the general tracking community as the benchmark player.

Popular applications like Winamp are able to play the major module formats (XM, IT, S3M, MOD) in a similar method to the way you would play an MP3. However, Winamp in particular is unable to accurately play many modules and is thus not recommended. It should only be used if you replace its in_mod plugin with a better plugin such as in_openmpt.


There are a number of players on Linux too, for example:

Openmpt123 (player based on the OpenMPT code);
MikMod (source, but binaries are also available from linked sites);
Open Cubic which originally started as a DOS player;
XMP, which also supports a wide variety of formats.

Mac OS

Mac OS users shouldn’t feel left out either, as there are a couple of players available on this platform too, including:

CocoModX, a player for OSX which can play the major formats;

This is in no way an exhaustive list (see here for more). Also, a good final thought to bear in mind is that nothing plays a module like the program it was written in, especially of the more “modern” formats, such as IT (Impulse Tracker). Although the IT tracker itself is too old to work except in emulators, modern ports such as Schism Tracker should work.

This article was written by Kevin ‘Gopher’ Chow, and Eagle for The Mod Archive